Nearby Activities

There's plenty to do in the park itself, but if you're looking for more...



Avalanche Paintball

Avalanche Paintball provides a fun, professional facility with exciting field and game options to enjoy all summer long.




Image: Kyle Pearce

Image: Kyle Pearce

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park 

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park provides opportunities for hiking, picnicking, mountain biking and viewing of the waterfall. The park includes unique habitat for red-legged frogs and multiple recreation trails.

Pemberton Stables

After 15 years operating in the Pemberton Valley, Pemberton Stables' new home is here at the Whistler RV Park.

If you are looking to plan a day full of adventure, Brandywine Falls are just 1km past the campground and are a great way to unwind after our exciting mountain rides. Steep climbs, brisk canters and stunning views will make you wish the ride would never end!