Snowmobile Storage

Here at the Whistler RV Park we are sled in and sled out to Brandywine Mountain and beyond. Staying with us means there is no need to load or unload, which we all know is the least enjoyable part of sledding. We are offering a site to park you sled on for $15 a day (no over night stays or the price goes to $35 a day) which is $450 for 30 days. You must stay 30 days to get the deal. We are allowing up to 4 sleds to be parked on one site so you can split it with your friends. The site has power and water so if you have a cargo trailer you can heat it to get the ice off your sleds and gear. We have people who have cargo trailers or shelter logic tents from Canadian tire to store them in as well which is a cheaper option. We are a secure campground with a gate to access the park and cameras all throughout the park for security. So come stay with us and enjoy loading and unloading once this winter and the leisure of sled in sled storage.

Contact us for more info at [email protected] or call us at 1.604.905.2523.

1 604 905 2523

55 Hwy 99 Whistler BC V0N 1B0